Favorite Episode

*iReunite With Missy

  • iPear store
  • iQuit iCarly
  • iLost My Mind
  • iLove You
  • iWas a Pageant Girl
  • iMust Have Locker 239
  • iGet Pranky
  • iParty with Victorious
  • iWon't Cancel the Show
  • iThink They Kissed
  • iBloop
  • iPsycho
  • iTake on Dingo
  • iCan't Take it
  • iSaved Your Life
  • iDate a Bad Boy
  • iTwins
  • iSpeed Date
  • iBalls
  • iKiss
  • iOMG
  • iPie
  • iChristmas
  • iMeet Fred
  • iToe Fatcakes
  • iHeart Art

Favorite Quote

"I know you have a crush on me" "What?" "Nothing" - Spencer and Sam, iToe Fat Cakes

"Marvin, stay off the internet!"

"I'll go get my boobs" -Spencer

"What did the goat do?"

"We're gonna find them and kick them in their dingos!"

"Why you so stupid?" -Sam

"You handcuffed her to Gibby?" "She put a dead fish in my locker!" "Gibby's way worse than a dead fish!" "My mom thinks I"m awesome!" - Carly, Freddie, sam and Gibby. iKiss

"No more panties on the stars!" "Ah, I don't like that word!" "Too bad! STAIRS STAIRS STAIRS" "She meant panties" "Now I'm embarrased. Carly, Sam, and Spencer. iSam's Mom

"Luke, I am your father!" -iHalfoween

Freddie: But if Sam won't even admit that she likes him, how are we gonna get 'em to--

Carly: You've seen the Animal Channel! The...the horses.
[Freddie shakes head]
Carly: When they want two horses to...y' They put them in the same barn together, and then they, like...turn the barn lights down...[Freddie stares dumbly,teasing Carly]
Carly: [shakes Freddie] Oh, you know what I'm talking about, why are you making me say it?
Freddie: So, we get Sam and Brad--take 'em to a barn?"
Carly: Stop it! This is important!

"I'm eating yeast!" -Spencer

"You won't get respect if your back's not erect" -Fredie. iWill Date Freddie
===Favorite Season===





===Favorite Main Character===





===Favorite Minor Character===





Mrs. Benson

===Favorite Guest Star===

Michelle OBama

Jane Lynch

Max Ehrich

Jim Parsons

One Direction


Jack Black

Favorite Minor Ship





T-BO/Mrs. Benson






===Silliest Ship===

Spish (Spencer/Fish)

Saggles (sam/Baggles)

Sparty (Spencer/Marty)

Gee Wee (Griffin/Pee Wee Babies)

Tick (T-BO/Stick)

Porkhammer (Porkchop/Sledgehammer)

Samwich (Sam/Sandwih)

Stollie (Stuart/Ollie)

Spug Nug (Spencer/Nug Nug)

Sie (Sam/pie)

Goap (Gibby/Liqued soap)

Fra (Freddie/George the Bra)

Beavefoot (Bigfoot/Beavecoon)

Briggs and Howard
===Favorite Spencer Sculpture===
Giant Coffee Cup

Big Foot Cake


Squirrel Camera

Merry Sniffmas

Toasty the Baker

The Sculpture with the world's Most moving Parts

Fan of Hammers


Fish Feeders

Jerk basket

Pencil Tree

Giant Pair of Pants

Security Robot
===Saddest iCarly Moment===

iLove You Break Up

When Spencer almost didn't hug Nug Nug

Carly crying in iChristmas

Carly and Sam almost dying in iQuit iCarly

Sam walking in on Carly and Freddie in iSpeed Date

Spencer nearly losing Carly in iWanna Stay With Spencer

iQuit iCarly fight in the living room

When Carly was sad about not being able to see her father in iMeet the First Lady

When Jon left his pregnant wife Jessica because Ace is sexier

Spencer's fish dying
===Funniest Episode===

iLost My Mind


iBelieve in Bigfoot

iThink They Kissed



iSam's Mom

iGet Pranky

iWas a Pageant Girl


iTake on Dingo

iLove You

iSaved Your Life

===Best Carly Moment===

When she didn't know what Doctor Who was

Whenever she plays the idiot farm girl

iCan't Take It- When she rushes back up to the studio to save Sam and Freddie's relationship despite her misgivings on the relationship, displaying she is a true friend.

Her rant at the end of iDate Sam and Freddie

when she got pulled up the side of the building in iWant My Website Back

when she found out that Sam and Freddie kissed

when she fought Shelby Marx

when she was hanging off the window washer's platform in iQuit iCarly

Freak out in iSpace Out

Freak out in iSam's Mom

"It must be awful to love someone who doesn't love you back."

Carly: [frustrated as she slams her fork down and, gets up] Yes. And yes! You both should be furious with each other! [walks over to their table and pushes Sam over hard] Freddie: Well, I wouldn't say I'm furious. Carly: Well, you should be furious! What guy wants to go on a date and watch a girl go: [mocking Sam's table manners] "Bleh! I'm Sam Puckett! Bleh! Wa-wa-wa." Sam: [looks offended] Freddie: ...Ew. Carly: [to Sam] And how can you sit there and listen to that whiny nub go: [mocking Freddie nitpicking at Sam] "Bleh! Too much Parmesan! Bleh! Don't chew with your mouth open! Bleh!" Seriously! Why don't you two just pick up your forks [picks up fork and makes jabbing-in-eye motion], and use them to jab each other in the eyes?! [slams fork down on the table].

When she had that mask on in iDSAF cause she snores.

Man's voice calling: Carly? Carly! Carly: Bigfoot? Freddie: How would Bigfoot know your name? [Carly looks at Freddie]

Getting her toe stuck, in iToe Fat Cakes

Confronting the Totally Terri writers with Sam (iTake On Dingo)
===Best Sam Moment===

When she got Billy out of Gibby's (iOpen a Restaurant)

iSam's Mom- Makes the first step to reconcile with her mom because her claustrophobic best friend Carly was panicking and needed to get out the room.

Going for the kiss in iOMG

iThink They Kissed Whole conversation and actions while talking to Carly, at the dentist, hopped up on the loopy gas.

when she beat up Jocelyn

when she defeated Spencer in Assassin

when she used the buttersock in iTake on Dingo

when she quit her job in iOwe You

Giant fork in iQ


Sam: [Deep voice] Luke, I am your father!

Sam: [in a accent] Why you so stooopid?

When she hit Freddie with a umbrella in iPie

Pam: Hey, Sam. Remember when you were seven, and I told you that Fluffles ran away? Sam: Yeah. Pam: I sold him. Carly: Oh, my God... Sam: You sold my bunny? Pam: To foreigners! Sam: (Gasp!) Sam: Yeah, you wanna know why that rich doctor stopped calling you? Pam: Steven? Sam: I told him you got hit by a bus! Pam: (Gasp!)

Beating freddie with a racket in iMeet Fred

Trying to steal fatcakes in iToe Fatcakes

Kissing Freddie in iOMG

Tap dancing at this Miss Teen Seattle Pageant
===Best Freddie Moment===

Flirting with Carly in season 1

iOMG When he goes out to comfort Sam at the end and encourages her to be brave and take a chance on what she wants.

Shutting Sam up with kiss in iLMM when he had every opportunity to embarrass her in front of millions if he'd wanted to.

iSam's Mom during the news reporter's interview

His faces during the horse conversation with Carly

When he saved Carly from a taco truck

Helped iCarly win iWeb Awards

Dropped in Jerk Basket

Thinking he's not gullible in iTwins

Sam: Uh, she interrupted me! Yank her ponytail! Freddie: Nah, I'm gonna allow it. Sam: Why? Freddie: Because, I LOVE HER!

Giving Cruise away to Missy

Speaking Random Spanish

Spencer Moment

When he gets protective over Carly and her relationships

Whenever his pants fall down

End of iWanna Stay with Spencer when he shows Grandpa how much he knows about Carly and taking care of her well

iPear Store Restraining and kicking Trey out the apartment for trying to force himself on Carly.

Dance sequence in Carly's dress at end of iDream of the Dance

Protecting his boat

Wearing Carly's jeans

Roller-skate failing in iPromote Techfoots

"I'll go get my boobs."

Carly: Spencer, it's been four hours. I think you need to get off the kitchen table? Spencer: Why? Is Santa Claus here to tell me I'm ugly and have no friends? Carly: Spencer, get up. [tries to move Spencer] Come on, get off the table. Spencer: [at the same time] No... I'm comfy right... [screams and falls to the floor] Ow. Carly: You weren't supposed to fall on the floor. Spencer: Well, you know... gravity.

[Spencer just shattered his goldfish bowl] Spencer: SWIMMY! Freddie: I thought that was Brock? Spencer: BROCK!

The Spencer and Nug-Nug hug in iCook,

Spencer: AHHWHH! OH MY GOD! [comes into the kitchen from the back door, covered in smoke and ash] Carly: ... What happened to you? Spencer: You guys... realize how flammable gasoline is? It's really flammable! Spencer:

Hey, remember that time I got stuck to the sidewalk? And that panda bear started ... wait, that was a dream.

Spencer: [speaking fast] It's a 15-kilowatt liquid propane generator with a 993-CC pro-guard 35-horsepower V-twin engine. Yeah, I said all that.

Beating Sasha Striker at Pak-Rat (iStage an Intervention)

Best Gibby Moment

When he gave Carly that puppy (Sir Licks-A-Lot)

Taking his shirt off

Fight with Nora in iPsycho.

when he fought Nora when he dressed as a werewolf for Patrice

When Jenna sits down next to him in 'iLove You' and he goes ,'Gibbehh'

Magic Malika [to Freddie: Well, Think about choosing me, if you want a magical night! ['Disappears] [Gibby poofs up without his shirt and is holding a banana] Freddie: Gibby, How did you- Gibby: I have no idea! .... Whose banana is this? Gibby: WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OFF, WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!

Sam: Look I've seen this kinda thing before, he's not gonna stop until he hits rock bottom. Gibby: [Indignant] I hit rock bottom.

GIBBEH (all of them)

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*One Singular Sensation
*Otherwordly Poptart

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*One Singular Sensation

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*One Singular Sensation

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*Spyder Sickness
*The Sam Puckett

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*Misadventures in Wikia Hell (Alica123)
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*Two Girls, One World (ILoveSeddie1234321 and AllYouNeedIsSeddie)
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*Cherry's "Scavenger Hunt"-esque blog (One Singular Sensation)
*Somnium (Cartoonprincess)

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