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  • Orenthal

    Just a reminder

    November 2, 2012 by Orenthal

    Yes,iCarly's ending,there's only one way to calm you guys down so don't panic or get a heart attack :P

    iCarly's in our hearts,feel like you're a writer or somethin'

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  • Orenthal

    All Grown Up FanFiction

    November 2, 2012 by Orenthal
    • At Java Lava*

    Chaz:Lil,we're not in a kissing booth

    Lil:I said considerably!

    Betty:She means we're in a place similar to a kissing booth,but we aren't

    Chaz:Ok I get it

    Kimi:Quite frankly,I don't like Phil that much

    Phil:Gets better

    Kimi:Oh my goodness

    Kimi:Tommy,come with me


    Kimi:Just come!

    • Kimi forces Tommy to come by pulling him from his arm*



    • Kimi and Tommy leave Java Lava*


    • Kimi kisses Tommy*


    Chuckie:My sister has a crush on my best friend,AGAIN!

    Lil:Don't you...WHAT?


    Tommy:Ah,Cheez,here comes Lil

    Lil:Tommy come with me!

    Kimi:HE'S MINE!





    Tommy:GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!

    Tommy:I know that you both love me,but only one dates me,Okay?

    • Lil and K…
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  • Orenthal

    Enough iCarly

    October 18, 2012 by Orenthal


    It looks like that everybody has realized my inactivity lately,that's because,No more iCarly.I just care for All Grown Up! now,It's based on Rugrats but the boys are just grown up,Dil Becomes 10,Tommy,Phil,Lil,And Kimi become 11,Chuckie becomes 12,Angelica,Susie and Harold Become 13

    That explains itself

    So bye bye iCarlys *Decapitates All the iCarlys* :P

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  • Orenthal

    Who said that?

    March 3, 2012 by Orenthal

    Hey ya'll

    The title says it all..

    the game goes like this:

    Person 1:This is an elevator!

    Person 2:Spencer?

    Person 1:Nope..

    Person 3:Cort!

    Person 1:Correct!

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  • Orenthal

    I'm back!!!

    March 2, 2012 by Orenthal

    Hello Guys and Girls (mostly girls) i'm back! i was bored without the wiki and all thinking about saying "HELLO" in the chat,but now finally i'm back!!!

    1.Working More for the wiki

    2.getting to the wiki everyday

    3.changing my profile pic


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