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What did you thin my "Photodock" pictures

Oscar9545 September 21, 2011 User blog:Oscar9545
Lauren in a Body of Elephant

Lauren: Why did you "photodock" my Head into a Body of an Elephant. Carly: Well, I... Franklin: Elephant?, No, No. She made you in a Hippopotamus

What did you think of Lauren Ackerman in a body of an Elephant?

Carly Shay gets in trouble for "Photodocking" Lauren Ackerman's Head in a Body of an Elephant, Carly is punished and is forced to spend her Friday judging the school's talent show auditions instead of going to Phineas and Ferb: Live on Stage.

The Photodock picture, it was Sam Puckett (Who gets revenge on Ms. Ackerman for failing her Test), Carly decides to make Sam go with her

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