Gosh. Life just sucks. I'm going through major depression, and have been since I realized I wasn't a monkey. I mean, why? Just why? All I wanted was to be a monkey. Why do people, HUMAN people, have to even exist? WE SHOULD ALL BE MONKEYS. I'm crying right now because I NEED TO BE A FREAKING MONKEY. Make me a gorilla even. I don't care. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE AS A PATHETIC HUMAN!

Also, what's with people that wear socks with their sandals? I mean, don't they have any dignity or sense of pride whatesoever?!

God. This would all just be better if we all wore cloaks like they do in Harry Potter. :/

I officially hate life.

Thank you for your time, evil human who is reading this. I. HATE. YOU.



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