Ok so I saw this on the Victorious wiki and decided to bring it over here. It's a little different from the Victorious wiki one but whatever. Full credit for this game goes to MechaMario24789.

Ok so here's how it works. First you pick a favorite animal for what you did, Then you pick a favorite color for your favorite iCarly characters, Last but not least, you pick a favorite singer for why you did it. I forgot to add this. with only goes with Hamster, Bird, and Other as well as Dog and Cat sometimes.


Dog: I ate

Cat: I kissed

Hamster: I became obsessed

Bird: I danced

Other: I annoyed

Favorite Color!

Red: with Carly Shay

Blue: with Sam Puckett

Green: with Freddie Benson

Yellow: with Spencer Shay

Other: with Gibby Gibson

Favorite Singer!

Selena Gomez: because I'm obsessed with him/her!

Katy Perry: because he's/she's crazy!

Miranda Cosgrove: because my pet dared me to.

Other: because I felt like it.

Mine: I kissed Sam Puckett because I felt like it.

Do yours from the chart now!

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