Okay, so I started a challenge on FanFiction almost a week ago... Or somethin' like that. Anyways, nobody has responded yet!! I mean, I know it takes a while to write a story, but no one has even messaged me saying that they plan on responding or anything like that!

So I want to tell people here on the iCarly Wiki. Maybe more people will know about it this way...

So here's the challenge, word for word from my profile on FanFiction:

Okey dokey! Wow, that was a lame greeting... Well anyways, I wanna set up a challenge! My first challenge! It's a Seddie challenge! :)

So I came up with a basic scenario and a couple lines. I wanna see what you can come up with as a full story. It can be a one-shot, a two-shot, even a 100-shot!! As many chapters as you think is right. Just one thing. It has to have the following lines and basic idea in one of the chapters:

Sam and Freddie have some kind of bet, and, as usual, Sam wins.

Sam: Ha ha, in your face!

Freddie: I don't care.

Sam: Yeah you do (Playfully slaps him)

Freddie: (Slaps her back) Sure, whatever

Sam: You know you love it (Kisses him)

Also, Sam and Freddie have been dating for some time by the time the bet starts, hence the seemingly random kiss in this scene. :D

This can have any lines in front of and after it, as long as it fits in.

So, you got ideas? Write 'em, post 'em, tell me 'bout 'em. Can't wait to see what people come up with :)

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