Okey dokey! On the Seddie Gallery page, I said that if five people told me to go up to a random person at school and say that my favorite color was Seddie, I'd do it. Well, six people told me to... And I had to live up to it! :D

The girl I told NEVER watches iCarly. I sort of know her, but she's not like my BFFL... XD Her name is Sydney. Here's how the convo went:

Me: Hi Sydney!

Sydney(At first not seeing me): Oh, hi, Aubrey!

Me(Wide grin on my face): Guess what!

Sydney: What?

Me(Grin getting wider by the second): My favorite color is Seddie!

Sydney(Looking at me like I'm the most insane person on Earth): What color is that?!?

Me(With a "Well duh!" look on my face): Seddie!

Sydney(Hearing the bell signalling the next class): O... K... Well, I gotta get to class...

Me(Acting like we had just had the most normal convo on Earth): Okay, see you later!

It was SO funny! And about three other people in the hallway walked over and were staring at us like we were nuts, it was great :D

I purposely said it to someone who I knew their reaction wouldn't be "OMG WHAT THE ****?!?" XD


So today I told my BFFL Jaimee... :D

Me: Hi Jaimee!

Jaimee: Heyy Aubrey!

Me: Guess what!!

Jaimee: You're getting your dog soon?

Me: Well, that's true, but that's not what I was gonna say.

Jaimee: What were you gonna say?

Me: My favorite color is Seddie!

Jaimee(Looking at me like I'm nuts): I thought it was purple.

Me: It's Seddie!

Jaimee: Okay then...

Me: Seddie is amazing!

Jaimee(Not understanding what Seddie is): Sure it is.

Me(Hearing the bell signalling the next class): Okay, I have to go to class. See you later!

Jaimee(Still looking at me like I'm insane): Okay, bye.

Haha, Jaimee is hilarious... XD

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