Okay, so I have a hanger that ships Seddie, awesome right?!? :)

Seddie shipping hanger

This hanger ACTUALLY ships Seddie!!

So how do I know this?

Well, yesterday, I went up to my room to get dressed. There was a shirt on this hanger, and it was on the handle (Which I might want to mention is PURPLE) on my closet door. I decided to wear the shirt, so I took it off the hanger. So the hanger is swinging back and forth, banging on the door. Normal, right? WRONG!! I swear that it sounded EXACTLY like Running Away!! No joke!

So, yeah, I own a hanger that ships Seddie... HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? :D

And sadly, it's not actually purple :( The hanger is dark brown, that carpet is beige. I just Pickniked the photo so now it looks amazing :)

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