Something has been annoying me greatly. On almost every page I go to, especially the page for the episode after iPWV, people are yelling at admins for deleting stuff that has no proof yet. THAT'S THEIR JOBS!!! They are supposed to do that!!! I have a lot of respect for the admins, and I am sad to know that so many other people don't. I want everyone to realize that without admins, this wiki would be a complete mess. Every page would have vandalizm, no doubt by the immature teenagers who are so obsessed with their ship that they will make things up and post them everywhere. And I am not calling all teenagers immature. Just some. I am one of the teens who isn't immature, and so are all of my friends, and I'm sure many of you.

Please take this into consideration the next time that you wanna yell at an admin.

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