Here are some reasons that I think Seddie is meant to be, and I'm sure many of you who are reading this will agree! (Wow, I'm a poet and I didn't know it. LoL)

  • How many times have we seen love/hate relationships work? For me, it's been plenty of times. On TV and in real life!
  • Have you seen how much the Seddie relationship has grown?!? And how much the Creddie relationship has shrunk?!? A lot, and a lot! Sure there is still Creddie friendship, and there hopefully always will be. But Seddie is growing into what seems to be much more than just friendship!
  • Based on the "Seddie Theory", the upcoming episode, iDo should have some BIG Seddie moments!
  • Note how in iPie, when Sam says "I know what I wanna do when I look at you!", she actually puckers her lips slightly, perhaps giving the hint that she wants to kiss Freddie. Also, this was just two episodes before iKiss... Maybe that was a little foreshadowing...
  • Speaking of iKiss... It's a bit of an explanation in itself. Let's see, where to begin... Well, for starters, they were WILLING to kiss each other! And not to mention, they look like they actually enjoyed it!
  • Hmm, another example, which do I use, there's so many!! I know! In iBeat The Heat, Freddie knew EXACTLY what Sam was doing in Carly's freezer, showing he actually cares about what Sam does.
  • In iSaved Your Life, Sam warned Freddie that Carly's love wouldn't last. Also, she told him that the idea of him and Carly as a couple made her want to puke up blood...
  • In iWas A Pageant Girl, Freddie said "Sam, if you're in love with me, just say so!" to which Sam replied "Neeyh" and Freddie said "Neeyh". Now let's think. "Neeyh" doesn't mean no... :) And if Sam loved Freddie, she wouldn't want to say it live on the web - or in front of Carly! She would probably want to tell him in private. :)
  • And what about iSpeed Date? Did you see the look o Sam's face? She was hurt. She looked like she was almost going to cry... And when a fan told this to Dan, he responded saying "Thank you! I'm glad YOU get it :)" And if the creator of iCarly says something like that, you KNOW it's meant to be!

So those are just a few examples, I have to cut this a little short, I'd get all caught up in this and you'd be here reading all day... XD

If I left out any BIG and IMPORTANT things, please let me know! :)

Thanx 4 reading my blog! :)


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