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Tonight's Forecast: SEDDIE!! :)

Pancake2 September 25, 2010 User blog:Pancake2

Okay, EVERY iCarly fan is excited for tonight - iGet Pranky!!

But here's a reason why Seddiers should be extra excited!!

So I'm not normally the person to be like "OMGzzzz! They're standing next to each other!! They must love each other!", but I saw something in the previews that made a HUGE smile creep onto my face. When they are coming out of the elevator, do you see how flippin' close to each other they are?!?!?!? I mean seriously, if there is even any space between them, it's like 1 inch!!!! :D For a second, I almost thought they were holding hands, but I looked closer, and was slightly disappointed to find out that they weren't, but I was still SOO excited to see how close to each other they were!!

Any comments? Feel free to leave them! :)

Oh, and if the comment you're gonna leave is "Why are you freaking out about this? It's no big deal!" then just forget about it, because I don't like having my spirits crushed.

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