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Why am I mad? Read my blog if you want to know!

Pancake2 August 29, 2010 User blog:Pancake2

I am soooo pumped for iDo. So why am mad?

I was watching iCarly, and I asked my sister "Have you seen any commercials for iDo yet? I heard about it like three months ago, but I haven't seen any commercials yet!" She just said she hadn't seen any.


The commercials came on, and what do I see?

A commercial for a new iCarly episode!!

I was like "Yay! Finally! Aww man!"

So why did I say "Aww man!"?

CAUSE IT WAS FOR iSAM'S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean I really want to see that too, but now I have to wait EVEN LONGER for iDo?!?

I started screaming at the TV, and my sister was just like "I want to see that more than iDo anyway"

Although I don't think she heard about the rumored Seddie slow dance... You know what, I don't even know if she ships Seddie or Creddie!




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