so i found these episodes on a video and the way they put it made it look like it was real so im gonna lisst the episodes

  1. iGot a hot room
  2. iSams mom
  3. iGet pranky
  4. iSell penny tees
  5. iDo
  6. iStart a fanwar
  7. iHire an idiot
  8. iPity the nevel
  9. iParty with victorious
  10. iConfess my love
  11. imeet BIg time rush
  12. then they said that these are episodes but didn't know the airdate
  13. iStart over
  14. iStill love you
  15. iGive up
  16. iNever Cared
  17. iSpencer
  18. iSos
  19. iGo hollywood
  20. iWon't go without you
  21. iDad
  22. iLoose my memory
  23. iEnd iCarly

okay so here are the episode, i have no idea where this person found these but it IS a season lenth in episodes so its bealievable. BUT i rele want u to tell me which ones u think are Seddie based eppis. When i have 20 comments i will leave a comment saying which top 5 were voted for! thx for reading this long list, oh! and i also want u to guess which one u think Seddie will start in. again thx! remember to leave a comment! :)

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