HI everyone!!!! im back! i was out for a couple days cuz i was rele busy but im back....okay so lets get to the main point......before iDo i was dying for an iCarly epi cuz i LOVE iCarly!!!! so when iDo came out that was kinda like medicine for me (it would help me get through my life, but it wouldn't last long) so I would be okay for awile. Then I saw the promo for iGet pranky and was a little better again! so then when my "medicine" didn't help anymore i went crazy and was like.......idk just insane!!!!! then the day came as i was watching iget pranky, in the middle, as you all know was the promo for.............yup u guessed it..iStart a fanwar! i lost it! i fell to the floor with tears coming down my eyes,(tears of joy) and i felt like the Queen of the world!!!!!!!!! i waited for a month.....waited, waited, and finally the day came where iStart a fanwar came out and i was so happy. (haha i just remembered that in social studies class that day my teacher called on me to answer a Q and this is what I said (its true) "iStar-----im mean, South America" ) but as the movie ended, me and 4 million other people thought the same thing.....confused....(im not going to go into ISAFW cuz its not wat this blog is about) so here i am that same place....going crazy for iCarly....I NEED iHire an idiot or i will go even more insane!!!

1:) do u feel the same way?

2:) is it confusing?

3:) did anyone else realize i did "................." a lot? haha i guess i use them instead of commas! :)

Seddie fans rule the world237 21:56, December 10, 2010 (UTC)Seddie fans rule the world237

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