Hey guys so I know theres tons of debates about how would the main Characters feel if seddie happend well i just wanna ask, how would the teachers feel? I personaly think they would start to lay off sam a little cuz the teachers think freddie is responsible. BUT!! this is a debate so i wanna give examples of why or why not?

Why would they be happy? they would because they know that Sam and Freddie are frienimies( i think i spelled that wrong) so it would be an "awwww" moment for them if they saw them together

Why wouldn't they be happy? they wouldn't like it if Seddie happend cuz they might think that since Sam is a bad student, she will rub off on freddie so they would have 2 miss behaved students

Okay so those are some examples for their reaction, decide what they would feel then leave TONS of comments about it! the goal im setting is 20 comments!!! so if u like the post, spread the word!!!!! thxSeddie fans rule the world237 01:17, January 5, 2011 (UTC)Seddie fans rule the world237

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