1. on one of Dans posts, he said that if u were disapointed by there being no SEDDIE or creddie in ISAFW, then u will be happy with the next couple of epi's
  2. lately, they have been acting like boyfirend and girlfriend like when in iGet pranky, Sam walks away from Carly and Freddie follows with a smile on her face, and they walk into Carly's house together alot!!!!
  3. In the beggining, Freddie hated when Sam would tease him and make him in pain, but now he has feelings for her and vise versa, so he doesn't mind it as much.
  4. they HAVE to share there feelings together cuz remember in iKiss, Sam said that every couple of years she would apoligise(i no i spelled that wrong) for doing the bad things, well its been a couple years, and last time she apologised, they kissed, so..............?

These r just some facts that I thought of (if i copied one of yours im sorry, i didn't look at anyones, i just kinda wrote this at the top of my head) and wanted to share with you. I personaly like 4 the best, which one do u guys like????? PLZ COMMENT thx :)

Seddie fans rule the world237 14:12, December 24, 2010 (UTC)Seddie fans rule the world237

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