hey guys so i know there are a lot of Seddie items and foods and i also know that most people think er, know that the Seddie song is the song that was playing when they kissed, but i mean did any of those lyrics match what seddie is all about? (fighting, but in love) No, not rele. so what i want you guys to do is go on a search to find a song out there that matches Seddie PERFECTLY, or, if you think you already know a song that fits them, you can use that!!! but when you do get a song, put the title and artist in the comment box, and/or you could put the link to the song on youtube so other people can see them too and comment on your comment about if they agree or dissagree. I ask u to do this because i think that there are a lot of songs out there so maybe if all of us decide on one song, THAT song can be the 2nd Seddie song, so go to work, and find that song!!!!!!!!!....................................PLEASE :) haha thx Seddie fans rule the world237 16:40, January 15, 2011 (UTC)Seddie fans rule the world 237

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