so i was thinking about the ships and stuff when i realized that i would HATE to be in Dan's spot right now! Why? Well the reason is, is that no matter what way Dan goes with ships, or if he doesn't do anything at all, fans are STILL gonna be don't get what im trying to say???? well maybe this would be easier

Seddie happens=creddie and all other shippers will be mad

Creddie happens=Seddie and other shippers will be mad

no ship=everyone is mad

Im telling you, there is just no way out for dan. And if u think u r someone who says "i won't be mad if another ship happens"......rele??.....u mean to tell me that even though you ship someone'll be okay with it???????? 99.99% of ppl will be upset, or at least a little dissapointed. So plz leave this blog a comment saying what you would do if you were in Dans position....THANK YOU!!!! :D Seddie fans rule the world237 20:50, February 16, 2011 (UTC)Seddie fans rule the world237

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