aka Kentiall Gevon and Julie Gevon

  • I live in Chicago, IL
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is being a admin HATER
  • PathedicSeddieLovingAdminHater


    Track List

    1. Don't Believe Me (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    2. Staying In The Shadows (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    3. The Truth (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    4. Siblings (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    5. Steal My Life (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    6. Sick Of These Games (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    7. Love (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    8. Hollywood (Feat. Kent Gevon & Elizabeth Hyde)
    9. Party In Dreamland (Feat. Elizabeth Hyde)
    10. When We Fall In Love (Feat. Julie Gevon)
    11. Don't Kill My Heart (Feat. Katie Gevon)
    12. Party In The House Tonight (Feat. Kent Gevon & Elizabeth Hyde)
    13. The Light (Feat. Kent Gevon & Julie Gevon)
    14. Believer (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    15. If Only You Believe (Feat. Kent Gevon)
    16. Na Na NO! (Feat. Sophie Malfoy)
    17. A Man That's Got A Phone ("Telephone" Parody Feat. Kent Gevon & Elizabeth Hyde)
    18. Call Me "Baby" ("Call Me Maybe" & "Baby" Parodies By Miranda Malfoy)
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