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    Hey Part 2 is finally here!!! So comment and tell me what you think. If everything from the promo is not there or the words aren't exactly right then tell me in the comments. THX!!! XD

    (At the hospital)

    Freddie: So where do think Sam is?

    Carly: I don't know lets ask her (points to a women behind a counter)

    (start to walk over)

    Man: HI!

    Gibby: Hi!

    Carly: Uhhh... who are you?

    Man: I'm Caleb (says while smiling)

    Freddie: Hi Caleb...

    Carly: Uh we gotta go...

    Gibby: WAIT!

    Carly: What?

    Gibby: Can I stay with Caleb?

    Carly: Sure...

    Gibby: YAY!!!

    Caleb: LET'S GO (Gibby and Caleb walk over to a table)

    Carly: Anyway... lets go.

    (walk over)

    Carly: Can you tell us what room Sam Puckett is in?

    Woman: (looks at something before answering) Unless you are related, yo uannot see…

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    ILMM Fanfiction

    July 28, 2011 by Peace&Seddie

    ILMM Fanfiction, hope you like it! XD

    Carly: SPENCER, I'M HOME!!!

    Spencer walks out of his room:Oh your her---(falls)

    Freddie: Are okay?

    Spencer: Yeah, Socko's cousin got me a part in a movie.

    Freddie: Cool, what part do you have?

    Spencer: A guy that goes to the hospital cause he falls down the stairs.

    Freddie: Interesting.

    Carly: So you're practicing falling?

    Spencer: Mhmm

    Carly: Well when have been interesting in acting?

    Spencer: Since Socko's cousin help me get acting classes.

    Carly: Since when have you had acting classes.

    Spencer: A mong ago---anyway where's Sam?

    Carly: I don't know, we haven't seen her since the Lock In and she won't pick up when I call her.

    Spencer:Well, I must go practice. BYE!!!

    (Carly and Freddie watch him go)

    Freddie: I'm really …

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