Hey Part 2 is finally here!!! So comment and tell me what you think. If everything from the promo is not there or the words aren't exactly right then tell me in the comments. THX!!! XD

(At the hospital)

Freddie: So where do think Sam is?

Carly: I don't know lets ask her (points to a women behind a counter)

(start to walk over)

Man: HI!

Gibby: Hi!

Carly: Uhhh... who are you?

Man: I'm Caleb (says while smiling)

Freddie: Hi Caleb...

Carly: Uh we gotta go...

Gibby: WAIT!

Carly: What?

Gibby: Can I stay with Caleb?

Carly: Sure...

Gibby: YAY!!!

Caleb: LET'S GO (Gibby and Caleb walk over to a table)

Carly: Anyway... lets go.

(walk over)

Carly: Can you tell us what room Sam Puckett is in?

Woman: (looks at something before answering) Unless you are related, yo uannot see her.

Carly: B-ut we are from ICarly. We have a webisode tonight.

Woman: Oh ICarly, my children and I love that show.

Freddie: So you can make an exception... right?

Woman: No.

(After Carly and Freddie get tired of begging and walk away)

Carly: We have to get in.

Freddie: But didn't you hear her?

Carly: Yeah so lets run when she's not looking.

Freddie: But----

Carly: We are going to. You guys have to talk about when you guys ki----

Freddie: Okay!!! Just don't say it.

Carly: When you guys----

Freddie: CARLY!!!

Carly: Okay.

Freddie: Thank you.

Carly: Whenyouguyskissed (Says when you guys kissed)

(Gives Carly a look)Freddie: Come on lets just go she isn't looking.

Carly: Okay... 1... 2... THREE!!!!!!

(start running)

Woman: SECURITY!!!!(sorry if I spelled that wrong)

(the security come and take them away)

Woman: Since I love ICarly so much I'll let you stay but if this happens again then we'll kick you out.

Freddie: Ok

Carly: We understand.

(walk over to Gibby and Caleb and sit down)

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