Hey guys, I wanted to make a story for Sam & Freddie for along time... But now this one idea popped in my head now here I am and this is my first Blog,Story whatever you want to call it Now I'm sorry if I make any mistakes I'm only Human so Please no mean comments or Ship Warning This Story is Rated K+ and for Shipping it is Seddie and a bit a Cibby So Happy Reading

Sam's P.O.V Here I am walking to Carly's Place to get some food and to hang out with Carls I don't want it to be Girl Choice Dance all over again I don't get how people make a big deal out dances same thing with kisses.. Ughh I don't myself started about kissing my first kiss with Freddie it was flawless... I still llove him I can't help myself when we broke up it was just unsponked I still truely love him...

*At Carly's Arpartment*

Sam: Hey Carls whatcha doin'

Carly: Oh nothing just picking out my dress for the dance..

Sam: Ughh..

Carly : "Ughh" what

Sam: The Dance

Carly: Oh Come on Sam go to this dance...

Sam: No.. You know I don't care this dance chizz

Carly: I know...

Sam: You not going to froce me to go right....

Carly: Oh you're going to dance!

Sam: Anyway who are you going to dance with...

Carly: Gibby

Sam: Fine ll' go....

Carly: Okay!

Sam: I'm going to talk to Freddie....

Freddie: Hey..

Sam: Hi

Sam: Can I ask you one question..

Freddie: Yeah sure what is it?

Sam: Are your going to the dance?

Freddie: Yes Why do ask?

Sam: Beacause I like... you

Freddie: But we broke up...

Sam: But why did we break up

Freddie: Beacause I may like Carly again..

Sam: Did you even love me? At all! I didn't know I love you just can be a lie okay maybe I caused you phiscally pain beacuse I loved you I did not lie!

Freddie: (Speechless)

Sam: Just forget it!!! I don't what to you ever see you again!!!!!!!!!

Freddie: Sam No don't leave!

Sam: (Looks at Freddie with face full of anger slams door)

That's It for Part 1 So I will write ever Satuarday Sorry if I made too much drama for some of you guys:/ And Sorry if make any part late so Comment! Tell me what you think! I worked supe hard on this! and if I have to say again NO MEAN COMMENTS t h a n k y o u :)

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