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  • PearphoneXT

    the ship i support

    August 4, 2012 by PearphoneXT


    I love... i mean seddie is my life. seddie is the best of any other ship on the show. i know all about seddie. im their n#1 fan.

    creddie... i mean, it's okay but its not as exiting as seddie because its mor likley for carly to fall in love with freddie than sam. sam has hated freddie since he met her and has said shed rather scarf down a dead bird than kiss him.



    Done with hatred

    Done with beatings

    Isultings gone


    see how happy sam and freddie look in that picture from ilove you after the kiss. they look like they dont want to break up. i wish they didnt. they have kissed more times than carly and freddie have. carly has only kissed freddie 6 times (not counting when she kissed his nose in ilike jake and when she …

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  • PearphoneXT

    hey icarly fans! i love icarly sooooooooo much. it's in my top ten. you wanna see:



    Phineas and Ferb

    Zoey 101

    Drake and josh

    Good luck Charlie

    Shake it up

    Austin and Ally

    ANT Farm


    but this is not in order. icarly is just the best show ever. i know all about it and i know all about the charachters, the actors and all about them too. icarly is my life. anyone who hates the show, i can't believe it!

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