I love... i mean seddie is my life. seddie is the best of any other ship on the show. i know all about seddie. im their n#1 fan.
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I love you break up kiss

creddie... i mean, it's okay but its not as exiting as seddie because its mor likley for carly to fall in love with freddie than sam. sam has hated freddie since he met her and has said shed rather scarf down a dead bird than kiss him.



Done with hatred

Done with beatings

Isultings gone


see how happy sam and freddie look in that picture from ilove you after the kiss. they look like they dont want to break up. i wish they didnt. they have kissed more times than carly and freddie have. carly has only kissed freddie 6 times (not counting when she kissed his nose in ilike jake and when she kissed him on his cheek in isaved your life) and sam and freddie have kissed 10 times. cool aint it! nevertheless, the only boy sams ever kissed is freddie.

there are also other hints that after they broke up, they still have feelings for each other like in iopen a resturaunt when sam asked if he developed a new crush on carly, she did look kinda upset. and in ipear store when freddie got fired, sam quit and she wouldn't of quit if he wouldn't of got fired. and in istill psycho whe nora forced freddie to kiss her, it looked like she didnt like the fact that her ex-boyfriend was kissing another girl

also, before they were boyfriend and girlfriend, there were some hints that they cared for each other like in isaved your life when sam was really upset when freddie got run over by that tocco truck and sam beats freddie up all the time and she dosent seem to care. and she looked a little jealous when she saw carly kiss her future boyfriend. also, they do have some things in common, like they can both draw, both are loud and can get everyone's attention, both love doing icarly, they're both good at insulting each other, both their moms are freaks and its possible that both of their dads left them.
Cant bribe me

Freddie wouldn't give up Sam for $100,000 <3<3<3 awwww :):):)

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