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Perry16370's Reviews: iOpen A Restaurant

Perry! April 22, 2012 User blog:Perry!

WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!: Ok, I am going to be doing reviews on episodes every time they come out! This week I am doing..... iOpen A Restauraunt! Here it is:

Ok I must start off with the Creddie in the episode. It was SOOOO cute! Freddie still loves Carly! I hope we see a Creddie episode soon...

The robot plot was pretty cool. It was funny when Carly got blinded when she walked in the door, but it was funnier when she got blinded a second time and fell down the stairs! The restauraunt plot was one of the best plots ever. The scene when Carly's mouth was on fire was very funny.


Comedy: 6/10

Far Fetched: 10/10

Boringness: 1/10

Overall: 10/10.

Epicness: 10/10 (The buttersock! Yeah :D)

In my opinion it was the BEST episode EVER!!! It was far fetched, no one would ever open a restauraunt under their school. But it was STILL EPIC.

Next Sunday, I will review iHalfoween.

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