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  • Perryfan825

    Q&A With Me!

    April 4, 2012 by Perryfan825

    Okay guys! I'm bored and I want to do Q&A for a reason that's top secret for Phineas and Ferb's ears only! And mine...the reason is because it's fun and I'm bored right now. Anyways ask random questions and I'll answer them. No questions over a PG rating! I don't know even know what that means...

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  • Perryfan825

    Hello! I am Perryfan825 and this is my first edit/blog post! The reason I called you Fred Fans here was so I could tell you the news. I just created a Fred Wiki! Oh my gammit! That's hackin awesome! I know right? Anyways, the wiki is about all things Fred. That includes the movies, the show, the youtube videos, and anything else Fred! So if you're a fan of Fred then cme on and join Fred Wiki!

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