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  • Petrificus14

    I made these today. I have also made High School Musical and Avatar the Last Airbender ones. Please let me know what you think!

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  • Petrificus14

    OKay so I love the film "Across the Universe" and I've seen it a few 100 times so I decided to make a wiki for it. Even if you haven't seen the movie, PLEASE check it out cause it needs some serious help.

    Thank you thank you thank you

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  • Petrificus14

    Character's Religions

    February 13, 2011 by Petrificus14

    Ok, this blog is just for fun, but what religions do you think Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are?

    We know that

    • Sam isn't jewish (iSam's Mom)
    • Freddie goes to chuch (he has "church pants")
    • Carly knew Amazing Grace, which is kinda a Christian song

    So we can assume Freddie & Carly might be Christian? Sam and her mom don't seem very religios.

    Sooo any other thoughts or religious clues?

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  • Petrificus14

    So this is a comparison of how far the humor on iCarly and Disney Channel shows go, in terms of innuendos, bad words, violence, etc.

    • Boobs
    • Sexy
    • Crap
    • Shut up
    • Chiz (kinda - but a little kid said it in iSell Penny Tees so it can't really be bad)

    • Shut up?
    • A reference to flicking someone a bird

    Some of the worst are:

    • "Let's go break [the couch] some more."
    • The Benson's apartment number (8D)
    • "All naked and wet"

    But there are MANY more (see Innuendo)

    • "The Suite Life on Deck": "Can [he] caress you like this?"
    • "Hannah Montana": "Meowww!"
    • "Good Luck Charlie": Birth scene (nothing is shown)
    • "Suite Life on Deck": Cody buys Bailey a bikini. Bailey: "No mystery why you want me to wear that."

    I need some help here. I can't think of any more...

    • Kissing
    • Kissing in bed (cloth…

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  • Petrificus14

    I just don't understand them? What is so controversial about Seddie vs. Creddie? Like I suppost Seddie but I'm not gonna go crazy getting into a "war"? Can someone explain?

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