Ok, so I love iCarly and think it's hilarious, but I'm a mom. Despite contrary belief of parents (most of whom haven't seen more than 1 episode), iCarly is a TEEN show, not a children's show. It airs in the evening, and it replaced Drake & Josh, which also included crude, adult-themed humor.

If you look on the innuendo page you can see there are many sexual jokes such as Sam telling Carly that she got a date because she has a new "helping" bra. "Hobknockers" (people who have s*x with animals) are referenced, and words like "boobs", "sexy", and "nutjob" are used.

But the main concern, and the reason I'm asking this question is the violence. I have seen almost every episode of iCarly, and a main character Freddie gets hurt (usually by Carly's violent and lazy but hilarious friend Sam) somehow in about 90% of them. Sometimes kinda badly (such as being beaten with a tennis racket then being pushed out of a treehouse, or getting a black eye), and sometimes mildly (like being embarassed or pushed over). I like when Freddie gets back at Sam. He doesn't do so violently, but he just uses playful insults or pranks. It's nice to see her get a taste of her own medicine. Other characters (mainly males - Spencer, Gibby, and Nevel) also fall victim to violence. There are also intense scenes such as hanging from buildings, fires, kidnappings, and regular brawls and fistfights.

Soooo BQ: 1. What episodes contain the most extreme violence? (iMeet Fred and iGo to Japan?) 2. What age do you think iCarly is appropriate for? (I say 11-12+) 3. Does Sam ever go a little too far in hurting Freddie or anyone else?

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