So this is a comparison of how far the humor on iCarly and Disney Channel shows go, in terms of innuendos, bad words, violence, etc.

Bad Words


  • Boobs
  • Sexy
  • Crap
  • Shut up
  • Chiz (kinda - but a little kid said it in iSell Penny Tees so it can't really be bad)


  • Shut up?
  • A reference to flicking someone a bird

Sexual References


Some of the worst are:

  • "Let's go break [the couch] some more."
  • The Benson's apartment number (8D)
  • "All naked and wet"

But there are MANY more (see Innuendo)


  • "The Suite Life on Deck": "Can [he] caress you like this?"
  • "Hannah Montana": "Meowww!"
  • "Good Luck Charlie": Birth scene (nothing is shown)
  • "Suite Life on Deck": Cody buys Bailey a bikini. Bailey: "No mystery why you want me to wear that."

I need some help here. I can't think of any more...

Sexual Activity


  • Kissing
  • Kissing in bed (clothed)
  • People in bikinis & sports bras shown


  • Kissing
  • People in one piece bathing suits shown



  • Spencer is seriously injured in iLook Alikes
  • Comic falls/slapstick humor
  • Freddie is beaten with a tennis racket in iMeet Fred
  • Freddie is hit by a Taco Truck and seriously injured in iSaved Your Life
  • The fight between Gibby and Nora gets pretty rough and I think blood is shown (not much though) in iPsycho
  • Carly almost falls to her death from her apartment in iQuit iCarly
  • Ginger Fox throws a fork and it gets stuck in Freddie's arm in iFix a Pop Star


  • A minor character ends up in the hospital
  • In "Hannah Montana", there are references to Miley's late mom and her death
  • In "Suite Life on Deck", people sometimes fall/are thrown overboard
  • Comic/slapstick falls and fights


Even though iCarly and most Disney Channel shows are both rated TV-G, iCarly goes considerably farther in innuendos and dark humor. Please help me add more to the list. Discuss!

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