Ok, in iMeet Fred, what was with the whole thing about Freddie's opinion? I don't think Fred is funny either. First of all, Freddie shouldn't have said that on the show. It was pointless, and since they were showing Fred's videos, they should all have looked excited and entertained by them. Freddie didn't have to laugh like Carly and Sam, but he should have kept to himself. After all, he is just the producer.

Second, everyone completely overreacted. No one in high schools even like Fred, and it's really unrealistic that everyone would hate Freddie just because he "killed" Fred.

Third, Freddie was punished for complaining? Let's see, he got kicked out of all the clubs at school, hated by everyone, beaten with a tennis racket, and pushed out of a treehouse, (and maybe more - I don't remember) just for expressing his (true) opinion. That basically says "keep your opinion to yourself" to kids.

So, I know that Dan Schnieder isn't as into "good messages" as Disney channel, but seriously?

What do y'all think?

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