Seriously,these guys NEED to get over the Seddie arc.I mean,why are you guys acting as if it's the worst thing that has ever happened in your lives?And on top of it all,you're even taking away the Seddiers' right to talk about Seddie and even arguing with them even when they make reasonable arguments spawned by logic and facts?Since when did iCarly become a soap opera,I mean,can't we all just get along and settle this whole matter

like reasonable and rational people?Now,I'm perfectly aware that there are indeed Creddie shippers that are taking the Seddie arc really well,while others not so much,and I will admit that if Creddie was to happen,I might have sunk into the same level as the irrational Creddiers.But there's a difference,I think I would have stopped watching iCarly instead of moaning and whining to others how Seddie didn't happen.Also note how I do not want to sound offensive against Creddie supporters(even though I condemn the ship itself to the deepest,most nightmarish depths of a certain realm in the afterlife),I do feel sorry for the rational fans since I certainly do not want to be in the same place as them,but I also feel bad that I can't offer them any more advice than to just hope that Seddie won't become permanent so that ALL iCarly fans can put the whole shipping business behind us.And about that last part,if such a thing were to happen,it wouldn't be wise to hope that Creddie will become canon since we basically have to go right back where we started,and because you Creddiers should ask yourselves this,What reason would Freddie have to go back to loving Carly and in what POSSIBLE way would this benefit the show itself and the FREINDSHIP between Carly,Sam,and Freddie(which at the end of the day is more important than any romantic relationship between any two of the three)?Just think about it and everything will become clear.

Again,even though I don't understand why Creddiers ship their respective pairing,I have no intention to rub Seddie in their faces since I would hate for them to do the same thing to me,and I ask for forgiveness if I sound biased,but I guess Carly and Freddie were never really meant to be.Let's just all hope that Nathan's hint that all fans of iCarly will be happy with the results of the Seddie arc will be true.

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