• Phenglei Kai

    I have noticed lately that some people around here - not too many, but some - seem awfully sure of themselves regarding what's going to happen on the show, or what the results (usually bad) would be if Dan Schneider make certain decisions for the plotline.

    "This is what he feels. Absolutely guaranteed."

    "This is how she feels. No question whatsoever."

    "There is no way that could happen. It's impossible."

    "It has to happen like this. There's no other possibility."

    "Dan Schneider would never do that."

    "If he did do that, it would absolutely ruin ..."

    "If that happened, Dan Schneider would lose 75% of his audience. There's no way he could do it and make it work."

    You know, it's perfectly fine to feel confident in your views, but I would urge everybody …

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  • Phenglei Kai

    The other day, my sister (Serene Girl) posted a comment on the Seddie page, giving her view of how much the value of courage defines the Sam/Freddie relationship.

    Not surprisingly, it dropped off the first page of comments in a matter of hours, and as of this writing, it's down to Page 6. I decided to re-post her comment in this blog, because I thought it was quite eloquent. (Several Seddie commentors liked it as well.) I just didn't want it to disappear too quickly.

    "Courageous." - When I was asked to describe the Sam/Freddie relationship in a single word.

    Courage. Their relationship is practically built on it.

    Every day he goes to hang out with Sam, Freddie has to wonder what new torments she's going to put him through.

    All the time they spend t…

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  • Phenglei Kai

    It is very admirable that the Seddie shippers are making such an effort to draw more Creddie and Cam shippers to this Wiki, but I am skeptical as to whether it will amount to anything. I'm not saying that they should give up, but I think they should understand what they're up against.

    In my view, this has become something of a self-perpetuating cycle. Over time, the Seddiers increasingly dominated the Wiki, the Creddiers got discouraged and left, and now the Seddiers have basically taken over (whether they intended to do so or not).

    A while back, somebody deleted the word "Crush" from Carly's entry on the Freddie Benson page and revised it to say that Freddie had gotten over his crush on Carly, and then did the same thing on Carly's page, wri…

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