Hi, it's TheEndIsOnlyTheBeginning for you

The last few weeks have been crazy. I started shipping Cabbie, Etharah, Auslly and Seddie more then ever. I wrote my profile page with how I felt about iCarly ending this November. Of course I'm sad, I still cry about it some times. But we all need to realize it has been five years, I don't remember any Nick show running this long. And I thought about it. What if... What if they stop with the show iCarly?! I will cry so hard. I also need Sam and Freddie to just, get back together. I don't want an open end. I hate those. Open endings where you wonder... What will happen to them in the future?! You know what I mean? Now, as I'm typing this, I'm starting to feel sad again. But it's finally summer! I love summer. Best part of the year. Here in Holland it's really warm today and it's 14:26PM right now. My 'aww' face has been on for the whole day. Why? Because I watched The Blonde Squad yesterday! Best Cabbie plot ever. And I read the Seddie page on this wiki, I'm going to read fanfictions after this Blog. July 4th is my moms birthday. Thursday it is exactly two months away till my birthday. :)

I wanted to let the people, who actually read this, know that they have to put some time in iCarly now, if you already do that a lot, good! Because before you kow, it's time for iGoodbye. And I don't want to realize that I didn't spend enough time on iCarly to be updated on everything. Get it? Anyways, I'm ending this Blog. It just makes me sad and I'm hungry anyways. Haha. :) Bye!

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