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June 23, 2011
  • Pixie511

    Singing on iCarly

    July 1, 2011 by Pixie511

    Now i love people singing on iCarly(even if there were like only two episodes) but i feel Jennette deserves a chance to show her talented singin on the show! No offense to the people who looove Miranda cause i kinda like her too but Miranda dosent have versatility in her singing while Jennette does. Miranda has shown she can sing, i mean the opening title is her and Drake Bell singing, but Jennette needs to show her wonderful voice! Shes a wonderful person who sings about the heart not about stuff girls like me wish could happen but never will. Belive me, if she sang on an episode of iCarly im sure people will download her songs from itunes even more! I was frustrated that on iParty With Victorious her solo singing was actualy rapping. sur…

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  • Pixie511

    So i love this episode of CSI with Nathan Kress:

    He looks hot with his hair down like that and i know hes had it like that before but wouldnt it be cool if they had an episode of iCarly with Nathan/Freddies hair like that?

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  • Pixie511

    Hey everyone! So im trying to get into acting, im in an acting class cause im only 15 and im going to acting camp later in the summer. After i go to my dads house im going to an auditioning camp where at the end they will take pixs for agencies and make us our own auditioning tape to send off right away to anything. so i hope after all this happens, and i get my braces off, i can get into acting!!! Im gonna start small,maybe like a background extra, and go up the ladder!! plus im excersising to get into better shape. any tips on acting? (nice perferably)

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