Hey guys! I'm sorry that if in my last post I was a little harsh to the Creddie shippers- I have nothing against them except I like seddie better. Anywhoo, (kinda my catchphrase) I don't know if any Seddie shippers or Creddie shippers has seen this yet but I was thinking what I should write about so I decided to look at the seddie page and I found this under iOMG:

"Sam was also in shock, like Freddie, that she kissed him. Carly, who wasn't really in love with Freddie, just wanted to make out some more after their first kiss. This shows that Sam had been hiding her feelings for Freddie for a while before or after their first kiss, and was anxious to see his reaction. Carly instantly thought Freddie would love her back, while Sam wasn't so sure."

Thoughts anyone???? Ok, so basically to me this is like HUGE news because it says that Carly isn't really in love with Freddie - she just wanted to make out more! (Sorry Creddie's!!! ): ) So, if you are a Seddie fan and you just saw this you might get excited cause we know Carly won't interfere (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) So now, we wait to find out if Freddie likes Sam back!!! We only pray!! :P Leave comments of what you thought! XD

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