So recently Dan has shown us the titles for the upcoming iCarly episodes.

Though I am an avid Seddie shipper and wish for their realtionship to happen, I am very uncertain now.

I mean, yes the promo's are leading us to Seddie, but there are many possibilities which can occur.

The four episodes in the, "Seddie Arc" which are iLost my Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan't Take it, and iLove You.

I mean he did say,"Whether you're a Seddie or a Creddie, trust us- you'll have plenty to be happy about in the future of iCarly :)"

SO, that could mean anything in the Seddie/Creddie story in the future episodes.

Though I do like Creddie, I do NOT wish for this to happen:

iLost my mind: Sam realises that she is in love with Freddie, thinks she goes crazy and then goes into the mental insitution.

iDate Sam and Freddie: Sam and Freddie are not talking, so Carly trys to be the mutual friend in the middle trying to stop them from fighting.

iCan't Take it: In iDSAM, Sam and Freddie hit it off so well that they are getting "Couply and gross", and Carly can't stand it anymore, and she is wondering why Sam and Freddie dating is bothering her so much.

iLove You: Carly realises that she loves Freddie and so Freddie's crush on Carly returns and he stops dating Sam and they all promise to not like eachother anymore, so they can all stay friends and do iCarly.

-______- Though, many things can happen, I really hope that Dan didn't make Carly like Freddie, since I believe that if she did, it would start bad drama, and this is not Degrassi(and hopefully ECLARE GETS BACK TOGETHER BTW.)...

So please don't hate me for my personal opinion because you never know what might happen.

Oh yeah, and I hate when the main character gets everything, and since I like Carly right now, I do not want to have to dislike her.

So what do you guys think will happen in these episodes? :O

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