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  • Princess Ariana

    House of Anubis

    April 23, 2011 by Princess Ariana

    Hey Guys!, What do you think about House of Anubis with tons of mysterys and stuff. Do you like or you don't like it cause i actually like it.

    I love the part at the end of the episode where Nina and Fabian kiss which is really sweet and romantic. I actually scream out loud when there some terrifying stuff going on too.(just kidding). My favorite character is Nina because i don't know why, she's actually brave and supportive to her classmates.

    What are you thoughts about House of Anubis? Do you like it? I wish there was 2nd season already.

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  • Princess Ariana

    Who is Emezer?

    March 28, 2011 by Princess Ariana

    Hi is Princess Ariana, Okay i know there is some bad people who's been blocked for a month and year. And i want to know who is this "Emezer" dude, why is he trying to rule the wiki and what is he going to do when he ruled it.

    Question: What is Vandalism? (sorry i never heard this word before in my high school)

    Feel free to comment!

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  • Princess Ariana

    Since i see alot of fake episodes, i'm going to make it too! You can help me by recorrecting the mistakes i typed.

    After the webshow, Carly, Sam, and Freddie been invited to the Royal Family house, they helped 2 girls named Katelyn and Kara who seems to have bickering problems. It is up to the iCarly crew to help their problems by separating them to have conversation. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby along with Mrs.Benson playing the game console called Zii(A Parody of Wii) since Spencer beats Gibby and Mrs. Benson and wants a rematch.

    • Carly and Freddie sitting next to each other when they're looking at the website in the computer.
    • Carly was jealous of Freddie staring at the new girl, Katelyn.
    • Both Carly and Freddie thinks that is a good idea to s…

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  • Princess Ariana

    Types of Genre

    March 23, 2011 by Princess Ariana

    Okay, i want to know your favorite types of genre in the book, anime or movie! Or your least favorite but it doesn't matter.

    Here's my favorite types of genre: Comedy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Science-fiction

    Here's my least favorite types of genre: Horror

    Feel free to comment!

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  • Princess Ariana

    What's your favorite or least favorite subjects in School?

    Here's my favorite Subjects: Algebra, Global, Biology, Art, Dance, Drama

    Here's my least favorite subjects: Earth Science, Geometry, English, Music, Gym

    Feel free to Comment!

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