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    It's me, ILove. Or Jess. Or whatever you call me. Anywayyyyy, guess what?
    Chicken butt?
    TWO GIRLS, ONE WORLD IS COMING BACK! After what seemed like forever, Ace and I have officially decided to end the hiatus. Currently, she's in Washington DC and unable to finish our new issue at the moment. Though, it will be posted soon. Just wait. :)
    To hold you off till then, we have a super exclusive one-of-a-kind 2G1W pic you won't find anywhere else.
    Thanks for all the feedback. We know you've been waiting! You won't have to wait much longer. We promise.
    Love, ILoveSeddie1234321 x
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  • Puckentine

    Yo yo yo. Okay, I know I said the next two would be posted by Ace, but we figured that we would have made you guys wait WAY too long for a new 2G1W, so we went ahead and got this one done. Anyway, we're in New Jersey! 

    First, we went to the spa. Ahh...

    After we got relaxed (kinda), we went to TenCents' house.

    Once we chatted with TC, we went to do some whale watching! :D

      During the whale watching, we got kicked off and banned from whale watching ever again because we kept speaking "whale", so we got off and headed over to Wild West City.


    After we were full, we finally visited our last place in New Jersey; Bori Freak's house!

    I guess that's it for New Jersey! Next we…

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  • Puckentine

    Hi guys. :) Ace and I are so sorry about not updating quicker! We're just super busy with school and other chiz (*coughcough*and ace's sucky connection*coughcough*) that it's turned into a rare occasion when we have time to update. We also have some news which will be posted at the end of this issue. Enjoy! :)

    So, in our final New York trip, we decided to visit CookiePsycho. lol

    After that, we went up the clouds with Tash1 and Itzlucy. :D

    Then we visited the Museum of Modern Art. 

    Once we were done examining all the boring art, we headed over to visit BabyCakes45 and sang!

    After that, we went to  Rockefeller plaza and ice skated! 

    Finally, we went to Madison Square Garden.

    Haha, we had so much fun here in New York. :)

    ATTENTION: The next two upcoming 2G1W …

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  • Puckentine

    Hey guys. It's ILove. Now before you start going "OMG, where the chiz has the new Two Girls, One World Been?!?!? I've been waiting for like ever!! :O", ever since school started back, Ace and I have been VERY busy with school and bleh. But anyway, we're back now! Here's the New York, New York! pt. 2! :D

    First we visited A LOT of our Tangled fangirl buddies and watched Tangled together. It was so much fun! :)

    After we did that, we went to Waverly Place, and visited the Waverly Sub station! 

    Hehe, we then went and visited the Empire State Building...a....heh... x)

    We also went and saw the movie, The Devil Inside. >:3

    After watching the movie, we decided to visit HeyPeople145.

    THEN, to top it off, we visited Nyancat5 and had the BEST time three sti…

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  • Puckentine

    GIF Reaction! :o

    January 4, 2012 by Puckentine

    Hey guys! I thought of an idea for a game, and I wanted to share it with you guys. :)

    How to play is simple. Just comment a scenario and people will reply with a gif. Here's an example:

    • iCarlyFanForever901: React to Nyan Cat eating Dan Schneider.
      • EvIsMyLifeee:

    You can find gifs on tumblr, photobucket, and google. Also, a user named Candycoateddoom uploaded a bunch of gifs separated into category's. Click here to look at them. :)


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