Ahem, hi. I am saying Sayonara to what USED to be the iCarly wiki.

No, I'm not leaving. I would never leave this place. Oh, then why am I saying goodbye?? Because the old iCarly wiki is gone.

When I joined a few months ago, everything was all happy, people got along, hardly any shipwars, fun blog games, etc. But that's all gone.

People are leaving. Like an admin told me, "it's a chain reaction".

One person leaves, and then another and another and another.

I am quite annoyed by this, and I know not the only one. We NEED to do something! If this keeps up, by the end of the series, we'll have only a few people left here! REASONS FOR LEAVING:

"iCarly isn't funny anymore." Okay, so really think about this. Are you really not enjoying iCarly? One minute I see someone all excited and quoting the episode, and then you say it's not funny anymore?? Don't lose hope on iCarly yet! We still have a whole season and a half left!

"No one notices me..." You may think no one notices you, but trust me, we do! Everyone here is noticed. If you don't feel like you are, go onto the [[]]chat, or leave a message on someones talk page. Just please, don't leave because of that.

"Personal Issues" Now, this is the one I can't have a helpful idea for. No one can stop you from leaving if it's from personal issues. If someone is leaving because of that, don't try and stop them. If they need to leave, let them leave. Ehh.

I think that stupid pointless probably-didn't-make-sense-rant-thingy is over....

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