• My texting tone is that fat guy from iSaFW yelling Seddie. :D
  • My last name is VERY iCarly related. As in a character on the show has the same last name as me. If you follow me on twitter, you should know. (P.S. iFSM ;))
  • My twitter picture is still the default egg they give you to start with.
  • Monique Coleman is following me on twitter. 
  • I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber, but I saw his movie and I loved it! 
  • I make lots of iCarly vids, but I don't have a YouTube account to upload them on. And even if I did make an account, I wouldn't upload anything. xD
  • I cannot live without my iPhone! 
  • I love performing and my dream is to be an actress and singer. 
  • My current (I change it alot. xD) ringtone is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.
  • My iPhone background is a Seddie collage. 
  • I made a special purple bracelet that has a bead which says, "S", which stands for Seddie.
  • I was dared by a friend to dye my hair red like Cat's from Victorious for one day. I happily agreed and ended up keeping that color for a full week. xD
  • I live in L.A. 
  • One day, I made my mom drive past the studio where they shoot iCarly just to see the big sign on the building: It. Was. Awesome.
  • My favorite iCarly episode is iTwins. IDK why. I just like it. ☆

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