Hey! It's Jessica. Ace and I are currently in Florida! It's amazing! :D

First, we checked into the Nickelodeon Resort. Hehe. Suite

Then we went to SeaWorld, where we got to see fishes!  Shamu

The next day, we went to Disney World and rode roller coasters and even met Mickey and Minnie! Roller Coaster Mickey and Minnie

We went to visit SpencerFanGirl123.  Pizza

And then Desu! Hihi. Hihi  (my poor hair :( )

FINALLY, we went to go see BrittanaKlaine25 and Candycoateddoom get married! :D Wetting

Getting to see everyone was amazing! Next time, we're visiting West Virginia

Comment what state you live in below and we'll visit you on our trip! :D

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