Freddie: I know it's hard for you to express your feelings because you never know if the person you like is going to like you back

Sam: Freddie-

Freddie: I know you like Brad.

Sam: Freddie.....

Freddie: You can't stay afr-

But Freddie was interrupted when Sam's lips came in contact with his. Surprisingly, he didn't pull away.

Sam broke the kiss a few seconds later.

Sam: Freddie... I-I'm sorry... I know you would never love me...

She said, almost in tears.

Freddie lifted her chin up and kiss her back.

Unfortunatley, Carly was watching through the window.

She barged in. Sam and Freddie both stepped back awkwardly.

Freddie explained everything to Carly. She seemed happy.

Carly: So... Are you two like a couple?

Freddie: I guess so.

He said as he hugged Sam. -- Sam and Freddie were standing in front of school. No one at ridgeway except for Carly, knew about them. But they didn't care if people stared or teased. All they were thinking is that nothing and no one could break them apart. <3

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