Me, Carly and Freddie were upstairs I'm the iCarly studio getting ready for the show. 

I felt nervous because we were doing a new The Jitters skit tonight. Now don't get me wrong, I love The Jitters skits, but every time we do them, I get this.... weird feeling. Not necessarily bad though. 

I was dressed in my Judy Jitter outfit and I kept looking over to Freddie rearranging all the props. Oh, here comes that feeling again. The feeling I only get around him. 

A little voice in the back of my head said, "Maybe you like him. He's not the same nerdy boy you used to pick on." 

That was true. I thought about all those times I picked on him. Freddie's voice had gotten lower and he had stronger too... maybe even a little hott- What am I thinking?! Freddie? Hot? He probably still takes tick baths. But deep inside, something told me that little voice was right. 

Carly walked over with a weird look on her face, "What's wrong Sam?" 

I snapped out of my daze, "Oh, nothing!" I said quickly hoping she didn't notice me staring at Freddie.

"Uh, oookayy." Carly said suspiciously, "The show's about to start, so let's get ready." 


It was only a matter of time until I heard Freddie saying, "In 5, 4, 3, 2" and, "It's time for another installment of, The Jitters!" 

I was standing over by Freddie and we were both, well, jittering. Gibby, who was playing Jessica, was fighting over a stuffed dog with Joe Jitter Jr, who was played by Spencer. 

After a few minutes, it was time for Judy to tell Joe that they were out of tomato sauce. 

"H-H-Hunnny!!" I stuttered.

"W-What? WHAT?" Freddie yelled.

"I need t-to sh-show ya somethiing!" and with that, I completely lost it. I had grabbed Freddie and started kissing him. I could hear Spencer and Gibby stop fighting. Everything was quiet. I broke off from the kiss; Freddie looked tremendously shocked, and thankfully, Carly came over and said, 

"Umm. We'll have to end the show a little early tonight. Uh, bye." and she quickly turned off the camera.  

Everyone was staring at me, "W-What?" I managed to stutter. 

"Why'd you do that?" Carly asked. 

"I, Uh, thought it would go well in that scene." I said quietly. 

"Oookayy? Um, I think I'll go... brush my teeth." 

"We'll come too." Spencer and Gibby chimed in together. And they walked out. 

I turned to Freddie, "Look. I'm really sorry about that." 

"It's... Fine. I just didn't expect that." he said. 

"Well, yeah. Um..." 

"Err... I better go." 


"Um, see you tomorrow." he said awkwardly. 

"Yeah. Bye." I said quickly back as he walked out.

What had I done? All I know for sure is that since every Seddie fan probably saw that, we are not going to WebiCon this year. ☆

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