This is a fun little game we can play. What you do, is I ask questions saying who or what you like better, then you answer in the comments. Easy? Good. Let's start! :)

Who's Crazier? Mrs. Benson or Mrs. Ackerman?

What food seems yummier? Spaghetti Tacos or Brad's Fudge?

What drink seems tastier? Wahoo Punch or Peppy Cola?

Who's the worst girl? Valerie or Missy?

Who's the worst guy? Nevel or Chuck?

Who's the craziest fan? Mandy or Nora?

Who's awesomer? Aspartamay or Aruthor? 

Who's the best? Zeebo or Nug-Nug?

Which school is cooler? Ridgeway or Briarwood? 

Who's funnier? The Cowboy or The Idiot Farmgirl?

Who's the hottest nerd? Shane or Brad? 

Who's the weirdest? Gibby or Reuben?

Which sibling is the best? Spencer or Melanie? 

Who's the best cook? Ricky Flame or Sonia? (iPromote Techfoots)

Which word is best? Chiz or Jank?

What is cooler? Bigfoot or The Beavecoon?

Which movie would you rather see? Moonlight Twi-Blood or Kelly Cooper Terrible Movie? 

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