Heyo! Sorry it's been a while since we last had an update about my trip with Ace. With Christmas break and all that chiz, we were lazy and didn't update. But now, we're back! And with a new title.... Two Girls, One World.. We'd like to thank Otherwordly Poptart for the title idea. :) Anyway, we're in West Virginia!!!

First we visited one of WV's biggest tourist attractions; the trans-allegheny lunatic asylum. This lunatic asylum is said to be haunted by the old patients who died there. Unfortunately, we came across some pretty creepy stuff... Haunted Asylum

After that, we took a ride on the Public Rapid Transit around the West Virginia University campus. Public Rapid Transit ^^^ bad to the bone.

When our ride was over, we went over to my old house where we snuck in and were greeted (kinda) by the current owners. Jess's House

So, I know this was a trip to WV, but we also took a trip to Pittsburgh where we went to the Carnegie Science Center and Kennywood. Carnegie Science Center Kennywood

I guess that's it for this update! Stay tuned for our three part blog of New York City!!!

Comment where you live below and we'll try to visit you on our trip! :)

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