Hey guys. It's ILove. Now before you start going "OMG, where the chiz has the new Two Girls, One World Been?!?!? I've been waiting for like ever!! :O", ever since school started back, Ace and I have been VERY busy with school and bleh. But anyway, we're back now! Here's the New York, New York! pt. 2! :D

First we visited A LOT of our Tangled fangirl buddies and watched Tangled together. It was so much fun! :) Tangled Friends

After we did that, we went to Waverly Place, and visited the Waverly Sub station!  Jess and Ace - WOWP

Hehe, we then went and visited the Empire State Building...a....heh... x) King Kong

We also went and saw the movie, The Devil Inside. >:3 CTC JessAce

After watching the movie, we decided to visit HeyPeople145. JESSANDACEARENOTAFRAID

THEN, to top it off, we visited Nyancat5 and had the BEST time three stick girls wearing no clothes and are riding on Nyan Cat could have!  NYANYNAYNAAYANA

Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tuned for part 3! :)

Comment where you live below and we'll visit you on our trip! :)

The winners of our raffle are SlappyWiggins, Hjpforeverlastingx8, and Jon23812! Congrats! These users will get a special Two Girls, One World blog where we have a super funamazing visit with them!

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