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iDate Sam & Freddie Possibilities

We've all heard of iDate Sam & Freddie (AKA iOMG Part 2), and are all wondering the same thing: What will happen?

There are pretty much 4 ways iDS&F can go. I'll list those ways.

Possibility #1: Sam and Freddie start dating at the end of this episode. I find this highly un-likely. Why? Because, Sam just showed Freddie she loves him in iOMG, but I doubt Freddie loves her back (Yet ;)).

Possibility #2: Creddie happens. Like I said about the possibility above, this is highly un-likely. And no, not b/c I'm a Seddie shipper. Creddie can not happen in this episode. It's only 30 mins long anyway, annnd, it would be really rude for Freddie to go after Carly in iDS&F. And I am not saying Creddie won't happen, I'm just saying I do not think it'll happen in this ep.

Possibility #3: Freddie doesn't end up with Carly or Sam. Now, before you start hating, this is actually more likely than the other two. Not that I want that, though! XD

Possibility #4: Freddie and Sam's relationship grows stronger and will probably become a couple at the end of season 4. IMO is the most likely possibility to happen. I can't see Freddie out of the blue saying he's in love with Sam. It'd be really un-expected and kinda stupid to do that.

Now, this is just my take on it. Feel free to comment below with your opinions. :)

ILoveSeddie1234321 02:45, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

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