This is the first chapter of my story iEnd iCarly. And btw, Sam and Freddie are dating in this story. :)

Nevel Papperman walked over to his computer to check his e-mail, SplashFace, and his website, Nevelocity. However, he was surprised when his IM message box popped up. He was invited to group chat with his IM "buddies" Valerie and Missy. He clicked accept and started typing.

ImmaLilMissy: Hey Nevel.

TheVShow: Hi.

BigBrain15: Hello ladies. I'm assuming you've received my messages.

TheVShow: Yeah! Have you really found a way ?)

ImmaLilMissy: Yeah. You better not be pulling our peaches with this.

BigBrain15: I'm not. 

TheVShow: Then what's your plan?

BigBrain15: I've also sent you a message that has all of the details of the plan.

(Valerie and Missy check their inboxes and read his message.)

ImmaLilMissy: So you're sure that this plan will work? It's really risky.

TheVShow: Ya. Because I've tried to  before, but it backfired. So your plan better work.)

BigBrain15: I'm 999% positive. And I'm not surprised yours backfired. There are only certain people that can think of such good plans.)

ImmaLilMissy: Hey! Don't start being rude to US. We all have to work together if this is going to work.

BigBrain15: It WILL work.

TheVShow: It won't work if you keep bragging.

BigBrain15: Ladies, ladies! Trust me! By this time next week, iCarly will have been SHUTDOWN.

"So, how about we do another messing with Lewbert." Sam suggested to Carly. They had to come up with ideas for iCarly. "Maybe we could prank call him and make him think we're the governors of LaDorika." Carly stared at Sam, "LaDorika?" "He'd be convinced." Sam assured. Carly agreed just as Freddie walked into the iCarly studio. "Hey guys." "Hey." "Thinking of iCarly ideas?" he asked. "Yup." Carly said, "Now we only need one more skit." "Ugh! I'm tired of thinking!" Sam groaned. "I'm going home." Carly said goodbye to Sam and Freddie gave her a small kiss and Sam left. Little did they know that they weren't going to being Sam for a long while.

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