Fanfiction time! This is my story iGet a Job. As some of you might know (probably not xD), a while ago I posted a short, stupid chapter of this story, but I decided to edit it and make it better! I hope you enjoy. The first chapter might be a little short, so sorry about that. There isn't really shipping in this. The most is Sedde friendship and Creseddie (or Cameddie. Whatever you wanna call it.). I will update reguarly. Thank You! :)

It was Saturday morning and Carly was super nervous because she was about to ask Spencer to buy some Cuttlefish concert tickets.  She had no idea if he would say yes or no, but she had a plan. She always does. 

 Carefully, Carly crept down the steps and peeked around the corner; Spencer was watching an episode of Celebrities Underwater he taped the night before. The celebrities were trying to balance on logs.

"Oh Lindsay," Spencer chuckled as Lindsay Lohan fell of her log, "That's what you get!" 

Carly didn't know why Spencer liked that show. It's not nice to watch celebrities almost drown. 

"Morning Spencer." Carly said as she walked down into their living room.

"Oh," Spencer said as he paused the tv, "Morning kiddo! Want some breakfast? We have oystomato and fiber nuts." 

"No thanks. Um, can I ask you something?" 

"You can ask me anything as long as it does not involve Canada."

"W-What? Nevermind. Uh, I was wondering..... If I could go to a Cuttlefish concert with Sam this weekend." 

"Do you have your ticket?" 

"Uh," Carly said, "Noooo. I was kinda hoping you could buy it." 

"Well, you can kinda earn the money yourself." Spencer said mockingly. 

"Spencer!" Carly said angrily. Spencer always gave her what she wanted. 

"Sorry, you will have to earn the money yourself." 

"How exactly?"

"Err... Get a job!" 

"No way!" Carly said, "Sam once got a job at Chili My Bowl and she said it was horrible!" 

"Yeah, but that was Sam. You know she would rather chew broken glass than work." Spencer said.

Carly nodded, "True, True. But still, is there anything else I can do to earn money?" 

"Some homeless shelters pay for you to brush hobos teeth." 

"I'll take a job." Carly said quickly, "But where can find one?" 

"Well," Spencer said, "Inside-Out Burger is hiring. You could visit there after school." 

"Ok fine. But I'm only working there until I get the money for the ticket." said Carly. 

"OK. Well you better get to school, I have to go." 

"Where ya going?" 

"I met this super hot chick named Briana down at the mall and we're going on a date." 

"Ok, well later!" Carly said and walked out the door. She had to get that job and she had to work hard. 

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