So, the day before the lock-in, Carly and Sam announced that they would be shooting a special webcast during the lock-in.

Now it's the day of the lock-in and Freddie and Brad, their new intern, are talking about how many viewers the iCarly webcast got and how much gigabytes and ram they have left on Freddies PearBook. Sam then walks over to them.

Sam: Hey. Um you guys did a really good job on editing our iCarly episode earlier. You know I always thought it was sort of interesting, you know, the way you edit and stuff...

Carly was shocked. She pulled Freddie aside as Brad and Sam chatted.

Carly: you know that website that tells you a persons mood?

Freddie: Yeah, why?

Carly: Sam's been acting kind of strange lately.

Freddie thinks for a moment.

Freddie: Sure, I guess.

So Carly and Freddie filled in Sam's info and five minutes late, they got the results.

Freddie: No way!

Carly runs over: What?!

Freddie: look!

Freddie turned the laptop around and there was a big red heart on the screen that said "In loooovvveeeee."

Carly: Sam's in love?!?!

Freddie: I guess so. But who with?

Carly: Hmm... BRAD! She has to love brad!

Freddie agrees.


Carly locks Sam in Brad in that room. But we all know Sam. She picked the lock in 13 seconds!

Sam runs to Carly and Carly does that whole "make a move" speech. But Sam runs away and Carly finds Freddie.

Carly asks Freddie to talk to Sam. Freddie agrees and talks to Sam.

Carly follows Freddie but he doesn't know.

Freddie: I know it's hard to express your feelings because you never know if the person you like is going to like you back.

Sam: But Freddie-

Freddie: I know you like brad.

Sam: BUT Freddie-

Freddie: You dont need to hide your feelings-

But Freddie is interrupted when he felt Sam's lips meet with his. Carly's eyes went wide. But surprisingy, Freddie didn't pull apart.

The kiss lasted for 14 seconds, when Sam finally broke the kiss.

Freddie: Sam...

Sam: Freddie.. I-I'm sorry... I know you could never love me-

But this time she was interrupted; Freddie kissed HER.

.......... Commercial. And then video with credits.

Freddie: So... Does this mean...


Freddie: I guess so... Ok

Sam: Yeah...

In the end, they tell Carly and she's happy for them. That was the Seddie Story.

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